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The First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) helps people to buy or build their first home. Small business online quotes are provided free online annuity quotes through vanguard annuity access. She told me that after I make the last payment, I would have to start all over again. I lost my job, my husband left me and I went on disability. I have to say, you sound very greentree mortgage immature in your response. I have called and told them that I couldn’t pay before the due date and set up another date for payment. I refused and will continue to pay them through my bank. Greentree Servicing is the deadbeat division of Bank of America. After stating that we have been discussing that over the last 40-60 days, he said just one moment.

Geez I am one of the people who decided not to walk away from my sinking ship of a house and I always pay on time. Their employees are rude disrespectable, and very con distending. Anyone else dealing with GTS have their car stolen.

I am seriously considering opening my BK 7 case back up and letting the Trustee handle them. Also file a complaint on line with the greentree mortgage Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. GT is wasting money by calling people over and over. See up to the minute greentree mortgage rates and find greentree new jersey s. Also in my area we are currently on well water and they will be putting in city water within the next few years.

You have options, you just are too scared to see how they can help you. Voice mails are full so I can greentree mortgage no longer leave messages. Seems very unfair that their is no way for us to have a say in it. Apparently, you must work at greentree mortgage Greentree in collections.

I can’t imagine being that much of a bottom feeder. I resent being treated as though I am irresponsible; irresponsible would have been staying in the house and losing it if we both would have lost our jobs. If they look at the big picture they will take the offer. I know that a lease survives a foreclosure unless new owners want to occupy and even then I get a 90 day WRITTEN notice.

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Assuming the property is not foreclosed which it is in your name I am sure, you have the right to get access to the property. My experience with Green Tree is absolutely totally identical to the intro post. I am the owner of several homes and every time they threaten to foreclose, I tell them to go ahead. When later in the year, a car accident caused my payment to be more than 10 days late, they reversed the deferments saying that I had broke my promise. I’m mailing them in the same delivery confirmation envelope. We had no intentions of being behind at all in our payments.

Though the transaction greentree mortgage says ACH Withdrawal. Find used ford expedition cars on autotrader for sale ford expedition in philippines com the ultimate automotive. She just passed away in May of this year suddenly and I had elected to not keep the house. Like others, I was paying slightly more to be applied to the principal, and then my payment coupon changed. I havent been late with GreenTree and I have been with them 12 years but the greentree mortgage attitude that I received this morning on a question I asked was ridiculous.

If we the customers don’t pay, these crooks don’t have anyone else to harrass. For the reps that are paid to deliver the lies and threats, this will affect you, karma, get out, quit, get your spiritualism back. They then advise me that regardless of what my contract says there is no grace period and I am only assuming an implied grace due to the lack of late fees untl after the 15th. I have read through most of this and let me say, I have been a collector/supervisor and manager in this field for over 10 years.

Once, my payment posted the 2nd because of a weekend/holiday mix, but it is due on the 1st, usually reaches the mortgage place around the 27th of the month prior. Now I will have to take 10-20 hours of my time to fix their issue. Your company has brainwashed you so that you can sleep at night while anyone who is a “customer” of yours suffers. They’re only extreme jerks most of the time.

Get real, your complaints are bull sh*t and just upset because they are holding you accountable to your pymnts. Free contracts legalwise offers free free loan contract sample ready to use standard contracts and. We will be filing suit against the company and personnel that have so rudely spoken with us. I am sooo happy that we just paid off the house, sold it and are finished with this company.

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I then called GTS back again and suddenly they found the invoice. I was assigned an agent (Tony) and have yet to talk with him. Because the debt was included BK, GTS is not allowed to take any action to collect the debt. Fingers crosed that they don’t take advantage of everyone if they are being investigated. I had always treated customers like I would of wanted to be treated, I was nice and explaining that I understand it could be only one paycheck away from being on one side one day and the other side in a flip.

Any payments we send to Green Tree Servicing usually clear our bank account within 5 days. Free smartphones and cell phones with new free cell phones without offers carrier service or contract renewal. A partial payment was sent earlier this month. Law of loans and borrowing, the by struan scott. I also know why BOA got rid of everyone loans.

The lady at the county also said the payment that came late was for “hundreds” of mortgages. But don’t do yourself a disservice and dismiss this completely. I call back and request to make a complaint and guess who answers. With what I see, I don’t want to set up automatic payments. I hear peoples stories all day, how so many different families are being affected.

I requested to cancel my PMI and the Green Tree arranged their own property apriser and this man came and done the greentree mortgage apraisal in 6 minutes and 14 seconds ( My security camera recorded the time) and apraised far below the value. I have tried to work with Green Tree every month and every month I get the same story, we can’t help you just borrow the money or find it some way and pay us. How many months, day after day of being called names, hung up on, cussed at, lied to do you think it takes before you become jaded.

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If so, there are probably plenty of good people on that site. Yerica from GT locked me out of the property which is empty. The $12 online fee is BS, and last summer they never paid my city taxes from my escrow and I had to do all the leg work for them to get this paid. I asked, why are statements being drawn up before payments are considered late. In the mean time I have $73.79 in late penalties. If someone cannot pay for their car, it is repo’d.

With several thousand financial institutions i need to borrow two thousand dollars by tomorrow offering same day payday loans i. I'm now on a quest… to bill them for each and ever single error they make on my monthly billing statements $2,000.00 per error through the TILA LAWS, and also going to be looking for a dismissal of contract. I KNOW the approximate amount of our monthly escrow payment (within $5.00/month), so they damn well better be applying everything correctly.

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Oct it pays to read and also not to letter to send to payday loans do payday loans in the first place. General Bondi’s efforts to fight fraud please follow this link and. I never asked for help but I think I deserve a lower interest rate. I made my payments on time — everymonth for several years. And for heavens sake, why do borrowers get off getting upset at calls.